Work Package 5

Stakeholder Engagement

A growing body of research indicates that experiencing Extreme Events is a significant determinant in convincing the public of the impacts of climate change, which are usually experienced as gradual, nearly imperceptible change on the scale of a human lifetime. In moments of Extreme Events, however, the impact of climate extremes can be directly recognised. A central tenet of the IEA approach (WP4) is the active role of stakeholders throughout the process. Stakeholder engagement will be the engine that drives the research through dialogue across WP1-4; it provides the unification across scientific disciplines and societal, industrial sectors. Work Package 5 thus will facilitate various participatory interactions, (e.g. public fora, consultative workshops, interviews, discussions) separately with all stakeholders throughout the project. It will mediate the translation between subject-specific language and the language used by affected sectors, and facilitate bi-directional learning towards common goals. The goal of this stakeholder dialogue is to learn not only what is relevant in the BCLME, but also to seek novel sources of data and information (qualitative/quantitative) for analysis of trends and Extreme Events whose impact affects their livelihoods.

Key Purpose: Stakeholder engagement, implement human capacity development, promote outreach, & affect policy and practice.

Key Research Outcomes: A properly consulted stakeholder community who are materially contributing to the direction of the research, providing data, and receiving value in the form of applicable knowledge for adaptation to changes in the BCLME.

Research Leads: Sarah Gaines (URI), Neville Sweijd (ACCESS)

Note: If you are an individual stakeholder or sector-specific representative interested in participating in EXEBUS (i.e., participating in interviews, nominating your sector for Extreme Events impact assessments, providing data, or learning about predicted Extreme Events trends and impacts on your livelihood/sector); please fill out the Expression of Interest form or contact us directly.