Work Package 4

Impact on Ecosystems & Society

Work Package 4 (WP4) adopts the Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) and the major output will be to report the findings as an online, open Atlas of Impact and Risk and an EMP. The IEA framework has developed in response to ecosystem approaches to managing fisheries and is well suited to our needs. This human-centric approach has at its core the goal to produce an EMP for the pressures that the BCLME face. We focus on Extreme Events pressures, which have the potential to magnify impacts, and isolate the management interventions that will be necessary. The IEA allows us to achieve our needs, i.e. scoping, indicator development, risk assessments, forecasting, and developing management strategies. We are aware of the challenges of IEAs and we think that they have been adequately addressed by making stakeholder engagement a key WP that is central to our activities.

Key Research Question: Considering the possible futures for the BCLME, what are the suitable set of management options to consider to ensure the sustainable development and utilisation of the region?

Key Research Outcomes: Enhance knowledge base, human capacity, technological ability, and data interoperability mechanisms for efficient cooperation and planning across BCLME countries with regards to the impact of Extreme Events on the response of ecosystems, societies, and macroeconomy. Contribute to improving the sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

Research Leads: Neville Sweijd (ACCESS), AJ Smit (UWC)